Fischer Fitness U is under way! If you have ever thought about working with a personal trainer but felt like the cost was just too much, now is your chance. While the average cost of a trainer is about $50/hour, training sessions at Fischer Fitness U can be as low as $13/hour.

What is it? By registering you will receive 2 or 3 boot camp-style training sessions each week for 4 weeks. These sessions will be group personal training held on Monday and Friday mornings at 9:15am, Wednesday mornings at 10:15 am, Monday/Wednesday evenings at 5:30pm. 

The training sessions at FFU will be intense! Each session will be different and every session will be challenging. Using a combination of strength training and metabolic intervals, you will get a total body workout that will fire up your metabolism for maximum fat loss. We use battling ropes, slam balls, kettlebells, TRX, tires, sandbags, our own body weight and much more!

This is an education-based program that will focus on helping you sort through the fads and myths that make exercise and nutrition overwhelming. Every week you will receive information and nutritional ideas and recipes. I want you to see results! I will expect a commitment from you and you can expect the same from me.

Not sure about group personal training? Working with a group not only creates a great sense of camaraderie, but it makes you accountable to more people. There is a different kind of energy when you work out with others. It helps push you just a little harder when you see other people doing the same.

The investment: The rate for one month of FFU is $99 (+tax) for 2 sessions/week

Commit to yourself. Get in shape and create a fitness foundation for the rest of your life!

Call or email Kristi with any questions! See you at the U!


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