If you are looking for a fun, intense cardiovascular workout, this class is for you! For each class I choose music that is designed to motivate and inspire participants to work hard and push themselves to do their best. Please pre-register to guarantee your spot in the class. You can do this through The Club at Gig Harbor's website.

This summer camp program is perfect for those kiddos ages 4-7. Located at Sehmel Park in Gig Harbor, WA, this 4-day camp provides the opportunity to learn about fitness in a playful way. We do obstacle courses, circuit training, we play Freeze Tag, Zombie Tag, every kind of tag and play tons of different fitness games. We always end our sessions with a little bit of yoga. There is a snack break in the middle of the camp where we get to have a brief nutrition lesson and talk about healthy food choices. Registration for this camp is done through PenMet Parks, and usually opens in the spring.

These classes and camps teach yoga, breathing and meditation to kids of all ages. Using songs, games and different crafts and activities, children can have fun learning skills that can help them for the rest of their lives. We live in such a fast-paced world and children have stresses in their lives even at an early age. By teaching them yoga, I am hoping to give them some coping and focusing techniques that they enjoy using forever!

I thoroughly enjoy speaking to individuals and groups of people about health and fitness. My passion is helping people figure out how to fit healthy eating and exercise into their busy schedules. If you are looking for someone to speak to your group, please contact me directly.