Thursday, June 30, 2016

Introducing...The Fischer Fitness Kids

I have two really awesome boys. Recently my oldest son told me he wanted to be a famous YouTuber (is that a word? is that a thing?). The boys and I were talking at lunch the other day about things we wanted to do this summer, and we came up with a plan. I told them we could work on putting together some YouTube videos where they could talk about and demonstrate some ways to be active as a family. They were really excited about this idea and immediately started planning their "intro" and talking about different ideas. Of course I was excited because this fits right in with my mission to get everyone in the family moving and exercising together in a fun, playful way. Our plan is to try this out and see if other families will find these ideas useful. We even thought about doing some Kids in the Kitchen segments where they will show healthy snacks and even help with meals.

So without further ado.......I would like to introduce The Fischer Fitness Kids and their Paper Plate Game:

The idea with this game is to see how fast you can string the alphabet together. The boys like to time themselves and then try to beat their time. To involve the whole family, I say make it a race! Create two teams (kids against parents, one parent and one child vs. other parent and child, boys against girls, etc.)(make sure you have two sets of the alphabet written on your plates) and see which team can do it the quickest. For the sake of the video, we did this just in our backyard. You could make this game longer if you put the plates in the front and make the alphabet in the back, so everyone is running back and forth. I love this because you will certainly get your heart rates up, but it also involves lots of squatting down to flip the plate over. I told the boys they had to leave the plates face down. If they pick up a plate and they already have that one, they had to put the plate back face down. If you have older kiddos, see how fast they can put their names together, or some other word you come up with. This could be a numbers game as well if your children need to work on number recognition.

The bottom line is, kids love to run around. They especially love to run around with parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins and friends. Paper plates are very inexpensive. We have been using this same stack of paper plates for months and have played this game a number of times. I also brought these in to the preschool where I was working and used them with those children. I like to play this game a few times and then put the plates away for awhile. Just like their toys, it will seem new again when you bring them out a month or so later!

I hope this will inspire you to run and play as a family. There is nothing more important than for us to set an example for our children. If you can show them that exercise is fun, this will stick with them the rest of their lives!

My boys are hoping to get as many "likes" as possible on their video, so if you enjoyed it, leave them a "like" or a comment!

Happy summer!


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