Saturday, January 31, 2015

12th Man Workout!

We are so excited for the big game tomorrow!! I am going to make sure I get a great workout in tomorrow morning because I know the rest of the day will be filled with great food, maybe a couple of cocktails and a lot of football. The perfect day, especially since the Seahawks are in it!

For those of you who would like a workout that you can do tomorrow, maybe before the game, here is one that requires NO EQUIPMENT. You decide how many round of this you will do based on how much time you have. There are 12 exercises. You will do 12 reps of each exercise and then will do as many rounds of that as you can in the amount of time you have. Here are the exercises:

Push Ups
Air Jacks
Prisoner Squats
Tricep Dips
Bulgarian Split Squats - R Leg back
Bulgarian Split Squats - L Leg Back
High Plank Shoulder Tap
Touchdown Lunge Jumps
Pike Push Ups
180 Jumps

I put together a little video (guest starring my dog) that shows you each exercise.

Here is the link

Enjoy the workout, and of course, enjoy the game! GO HAWKS!!


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