Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Nicole's Lessons from the Challenge

The best email came in from a client the other day. With her permission, I wanted to share it with you. Like the past post that I shared from Suzy, this one from Nicole H was so well-written! (What's with all the writers in my boot camp?) I think so many of us can relate to some, if not all, of what Nicole had to say here. I am honored and blessed to have her as a client and a friend. Thank you Nicole!!

Hey Kristi,
I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for all that you do. Your 30 day challenge was awesome. Of course your workouts are incredible but moreover, your support, and your belief in everyone's ability to meet and exceed their goals, truly set you apart. I may have been your least consistent participant in terms of class attendance and I am sorry about that, but I wanted to let you know how much I gained through this experience:

First, I learned that I too readily let life get in the way of my own goals. Whether it is a non-sleeping baby, my husband’s work schedule, my own work schedule or any other of the normal life things that are inevitable, I put my goals at the bottom of the priority list if on the list at all. 

Second, historically, my motivation to work out and focus on food as fuel rather than fun has stopped and started like some kind of emotional Morse code. Thanks to your food journal, which had a bit of an emotional journal component, I realized that my motivation to work towards my personal best is directly related to how I feel about myself. Days of poor self-talk are also days of emotional eating and not making time to work out. This is all a chicken and egg kind of situation but the journal made me see just how much I need to change my head to change my body.

Third, I eat too much dairy. I don't like milk, other than in my coffee, so I didn't think I was eating that much dairy. The food journal showed me that between the milk in my coffee, the yogurt and the cheese I eat, I am eating far too much dairy! Ahh the perils of working for a cheese company J

Fourth, I really do tend to look at food as a much bigger thing that the fuel it is meant to be. At any given time it fills the roll of reward, comfort, past-time, social currency and a symbol of this constant struggle I have between wanting to be able to eat anything I want while still be healthy and lean and the understanding that you can't have it all, all the time. A history of eating disorders is at the root of this struggle. I feel like I have go to extremes when it comes to food allowance because I don't trust myself to be able to act with moderation. My pattern is to eliminate everything that could be considered "bad" and then get frustrated and mad about having to be so strict and limited and then go into total binge mode. Your food journal illuminated a lot of this. While my swings are not as extreme as they once were, I see that when I splurge, my guilt and frustration with myself over it spiral into a complete collapse.

Fifth, I am stronger physically than I think I am and my weakness is mental. While I would never give up on anyone else, I tend to give up on myself often. It is clear that changing my results physically is going to require changing my head. This 30 day challenge started that process.  I am inspired by how many people of varying fitness levels and experience were making it happen because they showed up mentally first and let the physical part follow.

And Sixth, I do best when I am part of a team. I am very motivated by other people and feeling like I am part of a collective goal. You set up that dynamic with your workout environment and your follow up via facebook and emails. Thank you for the amazing community you have built!

THANK YOU Kristi!! 


  1. What a great letter! Nicole is really in tune with her body and mental state to be able to pull all of that out of a 30 day challenge. Way to go Nicole!!! Way to go Kristi for creating such a great environment where people can grow.

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