Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Up The Mountain Challenge Workout

Yesterday both my morning and my evening FFU groups took on this workout challenge. I also completed this workout yesterday on my own. I would love to  know if you can make it "Up The Mountain", and if so, what is your time? This can be done at home or at the gym, or outside at a park. The only thing you will need is a pull up bar (or you can substitute bent over dumbbell rows) and a bench or chair for tricep dips. Here is the workout:

10 Rounds Total

Round 1:

Plank Up Downs - 1 rep (See this video for a demo)
Squat Jumps - 2 reps
Decline Push Ups - 3 reps (Feet elevated on a step to make the decline. Feel free to modify this to a bent-knee push up if you cannot complete a decline push up with good form)
Reverse Lunges - 4 reps (Right leg back then left leg back counts as 1 rep)
Pull Ups - 5 reps (You can do TRX rows, assisted or unassisted pull ups or bent over dumbbell rows)
Burpees - 6 reps (See this video for a demo. Also, you can eliminate the push up at the bottom of the burpee to make this exercise a little easier)
Bicycle Crunches - 7 reps
Air Jacks - 8 reps (This is a jumping jack in the air)
Tricep Dips - 9 reps
Mountain Climbers - 10 reps (Right knee in then left knee in equal 1 rep)

Round 2:

Increase each exercise by 1 rep

Continue increasing each exercise by 1 rep every round so that by Round 10 you should be doing:

Plank Up Downs - 10 reps
Squat Jumps - 11 reps
Mountain Climbers - 19 reps

What do you think? Can you do it? Let me know!


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