Friday, August 24, 2012

Summer days....

Oh summer. You crazy beast! It should be easier to be fit, right? The nicer weather makes it more comfortable to be outside, running, biking, hiking etc. The berries are yummy, salads sound much tastier than they do in the winter, and nothing can beat outdoor grilling! However, along with summer comes the BBQ parties, the beer, the delicious mixed drinks and the temptation to spend a lazy afternoon sitting in the sun. I'm not sure about you, but I have been just as challenged with my fitness and nutrition during the summer as I have all year long.

Does it really matter what season it is? Do you ever have a "perfect time" to get fit and healthy? My guess is that you have good days and bad days, regardless of the time of year. We want to be fit during the summer so we can feel good about shorts and swimsuits, but when the holidays roll around we want to look good for those parties and get togethers. Some days are easy, some are not.

My question is, what are you waiting for? I always crack up when I hear someone say, "I'm going to start on Monday" or "next week". My response is, "Why not start today?" There will always be excuses. There will always be ways to convince yourself that today is not the perfect day to start. You never know what is going to happen on that particular day that you have chosen, so quit putting it off. If you need someone to hold you accountable, hire a trainer, join a group class or find a friend to work out with. Send me an email, I will bug you!

"If you went running when you first started talking about it, you would be back by now!"

Enjoy these last few weeks of summer and let's look forward to a more fit fall!


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