Monday, July 23, 2012

More FFU results!

Hello? Is anyone still there? I know I know. I’ve been completely absent from my blog for the past couple of months. I can give you the usual, “I’ve been so busy. My kids, my work, my blah blah blah….” but I will spare you.

Suffice it to say, my home training business is going quite well. Fischer Fitness U has been not only successful, but one of the most fun experiences I’ve had with personal training. This group is hard working, dedicated, slightly disturbed (they love the torture!), supportive of one another, and on a mission to get in the best shape possible! They inspire me to push myself just a little harder when I train.

Here is what Laurel had to say:

“I have never considered myself to be athletic. I suffer from my asthma, and get quite nervous when activity/exercise is out of my control. Through FFU, I faced my fears and am still standing. Kristi pushes me in a safe way, giving ME the control and helping me achieve what I never thought I could do (or wanted to do). I am amazed at how I feel and what can do after just 4 weeks. I can feel things changing inside me. I’m not afraid to attempt push ups. In fact, I’m not afraid to try anything anymore. Knowing Kristi is there to help guide or adjust an exercise as needed frees me up to give it my all instead of giving excuses as to why I can’t. FFU is more than just a class two times a week; it’s about making good, healthy lifestyle choices. I look forward to more FFU and to my continued growth, strength and confidence.”

It has been unbelievable to watch Laurel and all the rest of the participants push themselves and become stronger both mentally and physically. Paul, who cracks us up every week with his comments (and dancing skills!), changed from a man who barely made it through the first class, to one who now sprints to the top of the hill! Lindsay has dropped at least 4 % body fat. Beth is cranking out full plank push ups!

I get excited to see the commitment level of these people. They are people just like you: busy, working people, most with children and plenty of other things that can get in the way of healthy living. They have the same struggles with nutrition. They have days where they want to be anywhere else EXCEPT working out with me! But they committed to me, to themselves and each other that they would make this a priority. Sometimes when they turn in their nutrition journals I know they don’t want me to see the “cheating” that went on that particular week. After we talk about it as a group, it helps to get everyone back on track. Everyone seems to have suggestions and ways they are able to cope. We share recipes and tips.

This group is amazing.

We are half way through our July session. We will begin our final round of FFU on August 8. If you are interested in this last session, we love new recruits! Contact me directly and I can get you registered.

Remember this: YOU are worth it. YOU can do it! 


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