Thursday, April 5, 2012

Making Time for YOU

Recently I was talking with my close friend about how frustrated I was with not being able to blog at all in the past month and feeling like I wasn’t giving my business the attention it deserves. I was kind of whining about it, talking about how busy I was with the kids, with the house and everything else on my plate, and how I just didn’t have time. During this conversation, I was a little irritated with the ever-so-slight sparkle in her eye. Almost like she was laughing at me. At the end of my dissertation she just looked at me and said, “Oh you have time. If it’s important to you, you will find the time.” I opened my mouth to argue with her, but no words came out. I realized she was right. I also realized she was saying the exact same thing I have said to some of my own clients about exercise and nutrition. So I walked away from my favorite TV show the other night (The Voice) to set in motion a more productive evening. It is so easy to complain and make excuses. There is always something that needs to be done, whether with work or family or chores at home, or watching a favorite TV show. It’s not that those things should not be near the top of your priority list, but we need to find a way to take better care of ourselves. We need to be just as high on our own priority list, if not higher, as everything else. What good are we to anyone else if we are not caring for ourselves? What are you putting above exercise as a priority? I understand with a home and children it is difficult to find time, but it's there! Break up your workouts into 10 minute segments if you have to. Exercise with the family. Just make sure you get it done. YOU are important. YOU are worth it!

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