Monday, April 16, 2012


I hosted a boot camp in Gig Harbor (WA) this past weekend. My motivation was to hold it for those who are registered for the Tough Mudder race in September. My husband and I have a team formed (Fischer Fitness) and it's time to start kicking the training up a notch. I decided to open the boot camp up to anyone who wanted to come. It was a beautiful weekend, and I was inspired twice in one workout!

The first inspiration came from a women who I know from Anytime Fitness in Gig Harbor. I teach a class there two times each month for seniors, and one of these seniors heard about the workout and showed up! I have a hard time calling her a senior because she is in such amazing shape. I'm not sure how old she is, but she has to be at least 65 to be part of this group (Silver and Fit). She came to boot camp. Boot camp! Not only that, she was strong and she pushed herself and kept up with us!

The second inspiration came from a woman and her (8 year old) daughter who wandered over from across the field. Her son was playing baseball that day on the field and she asked if she could join us. Her daughter was a trooper and went through the workout and smiled and talked about how tough it was. The little girl had trouble with a couple of the exercises, but she ran sprints with my husband at the end of the workout. Awesomeness. What a great thing to see a mother setting such a great example for her daughter about the importance of exercise, and exercising together as a family. Good stuff.

No excuses. Make time for You!

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