Sunday, January 15, 2012

Setting a great example

Garrett (2 years) and Cole (almost 4)

We don't get too much snow here in the PNW, so when we do, it's important to take advantage of it! The snow is wet and heavy today and the temperature is hovering right around 32 degrees. I bundled
 the boys up and took them and the dog out for a walk. We live on a hill and so walking around for about 40 minutes was plenty of time to tire them out. A direct quote from my oldest son: "That was good exercise, Mom!" Their faces were flushed and they actually told me they were tired and ready for a nap. My oldest doesn't usually nap anymore, so for him to go right down and fall asleep, you know he's tired! My 85-lb lab is always in need of exercise as well, so it was good for the whole family. Please don't miss this opportunity to set an example for your family. They will follow your lead. The fresh air and activity is good for everyone! Enjoy!


Cole and Cody (the dog)

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